The Cup and Saucer is no longer, The Silverton Camp Café has come to town.


Hello and thank you for your patronage at the Cup and Saucer Café. Mait and I have sold our café and it is now Silverton Camp Café, run by Meaghan Deighton.

We wish them all the best and hope you will do the same.

It sure was a pleasure. Take good care!

Sandy & Mait




Currently closed for the winter. Reopening May 1, 2017.


In our cozy Cafe we serve delicious, fresh, homemade food. We are continually searching for the best possible ingredients to serve our customers, while keeping our prices competitive. We currently use organic flour and sugar in all of our baked goods and pizza dough. Our rice is organic brown, our meals are served with a salad using organic greens. Our gluten-free treats are also made with organic flour and organic sugar. We desire to eat well.  It is our mission to share this with our patrons. There is a noticeable difference in the final products and they are a real joy to create. Come and share some food with your friends. Can you notice a difference?

Eat well, laugh, and enjoy.


Follow us on Facebook and watch as we develop our coffee art skills, better yet, come in, order a latte and give us some practice.

We encourage customers to set their watch to Kootenay time. 

Relax and enjoy good wholesome food and the great view.

206 Lake Ave, Silverton, BC | 250 358 7271